Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Best Primers for Oily Skin/Large Pores

*Dupes are products that compare or have similar affects*

1. MakeUp Forever Step 1: Mattifying Primer
Instantly soaks up oils and fills in pores. Lightweight formula and doesn't really leave a white cast. The packaging may seem small but the long tube spout helps you not use too much of the product, so it will last longer then expected.
Price: $36
Dupe: NYX Shine Killer

2. Becca EverMatte Pore Perfector
Great at filling in pores and keeping the oils away. Leaves a white cast but that doesn't affect the color of your foundation. Best way to apply this primer is to warm it up on the tips of the fingers and then press it into the skin.
Price: $36
Dupe: No. 7 Beautifully Matte Base

3. Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Primer
High end primer but decently priced. This primer is a matte gel which fills in pores and smooths out texture on the skin. Doesn't leave a white cast and works all day and night. Does have a scent but it goes away after a minute or so.
Price: $37

4. Cover Fx Mattifying Primer with Anti Acne Treatment
I love this primer because it has the acne treatment in it. Commonly people with oily skin get severe breakouts, but this primer is really good because it has 1% salicylic acid which stops breakouts and heals them at the same time. This primer is also really good at keeping the oils away.
Price: $38

1. Primer is NOT moisturizer
2. You should NOT replace moisturizer with your primer
3. You should NOT apply primer like a second moisturizer. Primer should be a thin layer.
4. I suggest applying a pea size amount to you forehead, BOTH cheeks, nose and chin. That should cover your face evenly.
5. If pressing product into the skin start from the inside of the face outwards.

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