Monday, February 8, 2016

DymondTresses Hair Review: 2 week Update

My hair is still going strong. The color hasn't faded and hair still hasn't gotten tangled or matted. I am going to see how the hair is flat ironed for the next week or so. My closure hasn't moved a bit and the luster of this hair is still beautiful. I haven't put any product on this hair as of yet. But over all this hair still hasn't tangled, works good with hair tools even after bleaching/coloring process, holds a curl for days, not a lot of shedding if any, and it still looks so full and gorgeous as the day I installed it. My Final review will be in 2 to 3 weeks. DymondTresses is now having a Valentine's Day Sale and they have added new textures. The site now offers Malaysian, Peruvian, and Brazilian. They also carry platinum blonde hair, for those who want bold bright colors. The Valentine's Day Sale end on 2/29/16. Prices are listed below as well as a updated photo of my hair.

Here are the bundles deals:

Dymondtresses Information:
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Twitter: @dymondtresses

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