Sunday, March 13, 2016

NEW MAKE UP TREND: Color Correcting

Color correcting is the neutralization of blemishes on the skin. Color correcting are usually based on the color wheel. The way to use the color wheel is whatever color you are trying to hide or neutralize you use that color directly across from it. Color Theory (Color Correcting) is the main science of makeup. The main colors of color correction are green, pink, blue, purple, yellow, caramel, peach, orange and red. These colors also range in light to darkness for certain benefits to fit all skin tones, for example caramel and peach would be under the orange corrector type for medium, dark, and deep skin tones. These seem like outrageous colors to put on your face, but once blended out and covered with foundation and/or concealer, the face looks flawless. Color corrector can be applied before or after foundation. I prefer both. I have hyper-pigmentation so I to apply orange color corrector on my dark spots and under eye circles then apply foundation. If I still see some darkness peeking through (usually under my eyes) I apply a little more corrector and then go over it with a full coverage concealer. The color correcting colors vary on your skin tone. Green is used to neutralize redness. Green is great for people with rosacea, sunburn, or broken capillaries (smaller veins under the skin). Green is usually use for fair to light skin tones. Another color corrector for fair to light skin tones would be yellow. Yellow helps neutralize purple and blue on light skin. Some people have blue veins under their eyes and or blue or purple dark circles. Yellow can also benefit darker skin tones by brightening the skin. Pink brightens for light and medium skin tones. Purple is for sallowness or very yellow skin. Sallowness is usually hyper pigmentation for light to medium skin tones. Blue adds radiance to fair to light skin tones. Caramel adds radiance to dark to deep tones. Peach neutralizes dark spots in medium skin tones. Orange neutralizes the darkness in dark to deep skin tones and Red neutralizes darkness in rich skin tones. You can also color correct to cover tattoos for events.

Here are some Color Correctors by skin type (There are many more options but this is all I have worked with and love):

Fair to Light:
LA Girl PRO HD Color Corrector in Yellow $2.99
NYX Correct & Conceal Palette $7
Sephora Color Corrector in Green, Yellow, and Pink $14
MakeUp Forever Step 1: Blue Primer $37
MakeUp Forever Step 1: Pink Primer $37
MakeUp Forever Step 1: Yellow Primer $37
MakeUp Forever Step:1 Green Primer $37 (this also helps with texture of the skin such as providing smoothness as well as neutralization)
Becca Violet (Purple) and Pistachio (Green) Color Correctors $30 (Highly pigmented!*)

Bobbi Brown Light Peach and Peach Color Corrector $25
Smashbox Color Correcting Sticks in Look Less Tired (Peach) $23
Urban Decay Peach Corrector $28

Dark to Deep:
LA Girl PRO HD Color Corrector (Orange) $2.99
Smashbox Color Correcting Stick Look Less Tired Dark (Orange) $23
Bobbi Brown Color Corrector in Deep Peach (More Orange) $25
Becca Peach Color Corrector (Orange) $30
MakeUp Forever Step 1: Caramel Radiance Primer $37
Marc Jacobs Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector in 320 Getting Warmer $42

Becca Papaya (Red) $30

Any color correctors your love?

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